Award-winning novelist Kathy DiSanto writes in several genres: sweet romance, paranormal, dystopian science fiction, and urban fantasy.

Her books to date include:

For Love or Money (Golden State Hearts Book 1)

Hunter’s Shadow (Golden State Hearts Book 2)

Amanda’s Eyes (A.J. Gregson series, Book 1)

Why Live?

In addition to writing highly regarded fiction, she worked for many years as a communications specialist and continues to do freelance writing. All told, she’s written several hundred feature articles for magazines, the web, blogs, and newsletters.

Kathy’s love of words—bamboozle, finagle, sprocket, flabbergast—inspired her to study German in college, because gaining access to a host of words in another language was a fascinating prospect. How does one resist expressions like Kummerspeck and Freundschaftsbezeugung, for example? She’s always said, “That would take a better woman than I. (Or a better woman than me, if we’re sticking with the colloquial and conversational.)” In addition to sating her verbal appetitite with marvelously multisyllabic, tongue-twisting words, studying the German language challenged her inner Grammar Stickler in strange and mysterious ways. Thus, she considers her choice of major a win-win.

The mother of two talented professional musicians, Kathy is also a dedicated rescue dog mama, a U.S. Air Force veteran, and a late-blooming home improvement fanatic.

Our intrepid author welcomed 2018 with a number of unexpected medical issues, which, in turn, inspired her to set up a Patreon account. Patreon is the twenty-first century’s answer to patronism, wherein individuals offered financial support to artists in exchange for their creative work. You can support Kathy for as little as $1 per creation and cap the number of dollars you wish to contribute monthly. In exchange, you receive access to exclusive material. For more information, visit her Patreon page.