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Useful resources for writers and self-publishers


Zen in the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury
Guaranteed to ignite your enthusiasm for the art. When the Los Angeles Times says, "[this book] is purely and simply Bradbury's love song to his craft," they're not just kidding. Ray will have you be itching to get back to your keyboard in no time.

Bird by Bird, by Anne Lamott
Not only offers practical writing advice (and inspiriration), but addresses the joys and pitfalls of writing life as well. Topics like "Shitty First Drafts" and "Broccoli" are handled with compassion, wit, and a hefty dose of commiseration.

On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft , by Stephen King
For a guy who makes his living scaring the pants of everyone and his mother, Stephen does a terrific job of taking the fear out of writing. He shares personal experiences, writing habits, and clear-cut advice.

Writing Down the Bones: Freeing the Writer Within , by Natalie Goldberg
According to Natalie, "What have I learned about writing over these thirty years? I’ve written fourteen books, and it’s the practice here in Bones that is the foundation, sustaining and building my writing voice, that keeps me honest, teaches me how to endure the hard times and how to drop below discursive thinking, to taste the real meat of our minds and the life around us."

The Art Spirit, by Robert Henri
Although technically about painting, this book offers a banquet to any creative person, speaking about inspiration, developing your own style, and remaining true to your personal gift.

The Writing Life , by Annie Dillard
What a read! What a ride! Far from being your basic how-to book, Pulitzer Prize winner Dillard's Writing Life speaks to the heart and soul of the art. It's not light reading, but well worth the time and effort. You'll definitely identify.

Support Groups

World Literary Cafe
"Where readers and authors meet"
Membership: free
  • connects authors with bloggers and reviewers
  • training courses in various aspects of self-publishing (some free, some paid)
  • free author Tweet Teams, Facebook Like program, Twitter follow program
  • free author toolbox
  • free book marketing video
  • community Facebook page where members can ask questions and get advice

Author Social Media Support Group (ASMSG)
Provides like-minded authors a network of diverse Social Media platforms from which to gain greater reach
Membership: free
  • genre-specific hubs
  • platforms include Rebelmouse, Tiberr, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest
  • forums that include author services and tutorials
  • author profiles

Goodreads Author Support Group
Dedicated to reviewing and supporting authors
Membership: free

Author Marketing Club
Provides resources for book marketing and book production
Membership: free and premium ($105)
Benefits of free membership:
  • video tutorials
  • author marketing academy
  • premade book covers
  • bookalyzer (to determine book rankings, recommendations, and more)
  • free book submission tool
  • enhanced Amazon description tool demo
  • book widget creation tool


Self-publishing tool for authors
Membership: free (but will have a premium level in the future)]
Benefits of membership:
  • create ebooks to sell on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Google
  • metadata guidance: optimize keywords, price, and more
  • ability to track daily sales and performance for each book
  • ability to design custom marketing page to promote each book

Book writing and marketing tool designed to help authors develop their brands and connect with readers
Membership: Emerging Author (free); Authropreneur ($9.99/mo. or $99/year)
  • upload books (1 only for free membership)
  • ability to create Book Bubbles (stylishly designed, enhanced excerpts that can be shared from the site)
  • ability to sell books directly from the site by adding buy links to Amazon, B&N, etc.
  • free webinars on a wide variety of topics
  • readers are able to follow you and automatically receive Book Bubbles
  • author profile

Social media management tool
Membership: free and professional (starting at $9.99/mo.)
Benefits of free membership:
  • manage 3 social media accounts
  • get basic social media analytics
  • preschedule Facebook posts, tweets, Google + posts, etc.
  • 10 content suggestions per week
  • 2 RSS feed integrations
  • ability to integrate apps into Hootsuite dashboard
  • free social media courses

"Empowering the world to design"
Membership: free
Benefits of membership:
  • user-friendly design for nondesigners
  • social media templates
  • templates for e-book covers
  • free graphics
  • paid graphics, too, for $1 each use
  • other templates include: letter, letterhead, certificates, infographics, posters, flyers, business cards
  • download designs in several formats
  • all your past designs available online
  • ability to designate designs private or public